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The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce is a powerful resource for its Chamber members.  They are a passionate supporter and advocate for our Beaverton Area businesses, entrepreneurs, and community.   From their advocacy on a state level, the many diverse committees, and fun engaging events there is a place for everyone to be involved, participate, and build REAL relationships in business and beyond.  I know firsthand the positive impact being a member of the Beaverton Chamber has made on my own personal business.  As a REALTOR®, relationships are an essential component of building my business and being successful; The BACC has allowed me to connect and be active in my community in a way that wouldn’t be possible without them.  If you aren’t a member yet… you really should consider joining.  I LOVE my chamber membership!

Donna Meeuwsen
REALTOR® Topography Team brokered by eXp Realty, LLC

There is no more vital way to engage in the local economy in our community than through the Chamber. The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce helps local businesses grow, thrive and stay connected. Whether you are building your business, honing your skills, wanting to meet other local business leaders or just needing help staying informed on legislative or local political decisions impacting businesses, the Chamber has something for you. The act of working together in our community helps to build a vibrant, diverse and economically viable community for us all to enjoy. Investing in the Chamber pays long lasting dividends that can’t be matched when it comes to supporting our community, local businesses and the employees and that drive them.

Stephen Smelley
Goldfinch Consulting

I have been a member of the Beaverton Chamber since 2011 and it has been a great way to meet local business owners and stay connected to the Beaverton community and what’s going on in Beaverton.  I enjoy going to the various events put on by the Beaverton Chamber and have built some great friendships with other individuals in the Chamber.  I feel like it helps legitimize my business within the community and has helped my business get recognition and growth within the local community.

Jeff Walsh
Meridian Insurance Group

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity - of the good kind - that stemmed from my participation in the Group Coffee Connect, as a part of the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce. One of the best parts is hearing that my efforts to connect are working. When you work alone in your "department" it is sometimes hard to gauge how far along you are in bridge building and relationship making. I love Beaverton and this area. I love all of my franchises of Two Men and A Truck. And those who know me, know that I love building bridges.

If you are in a position to join your local Chamber of Commerce, do it. There usually are levels of membership, suitable for any budget, any business. The connections are PRICELESS, both business and personal.

Two Men and a Truck

I have personally and professionally benefited greatly from being a member of the Beaverton Area Chamber for over a decade. The Beaverton Area Chamber has allowed me to create relationships within the community that would otherwise have been close to impossible. This chamber provides information that may affect local businesses, and overall commerce while creating a platform for the community to have a voice within our local, state, and at times, national government.  Some may think that chambers are just good for networking, and this one is! However, I have found that my investment in the Beaverton Area Chamber goes much further.

Ali Kavianian, CFP®
Private Wealth Manager

The Beaverton Chamber of Commerce is a worthwhile investment for any business owner. Whether you are starting a business, need a boost or are stretching your existing business potential, the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce is a must have in your tool box of marketing and networking.

Rachel Harvey
Minuteman Mortgage