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Movers of Mountains Community Awards Celebration

Movers of Mountains - What's That?

We are proud here in Beaverton to have so many community members and businesses that impact our lives in such a positive way! We would like to take the opportunity to celebrate these individuals and their contributions. So below you will find nine categories in which you can nominate people.  We encourage you to nominate as many people and businesses as you would like!  Our committee will then narrow the field down to the top three in each category and then you (the public) will vote!

We then invite you to join us on Friday, May 19, 2023 for our Mover of Mountains Gala where we will celebrate the winner of each category! Additionally, there will be entertainment and a silent auction to add to the festivities!

Thanks to all who submitted nominations!  Voting will begin on April 5, 2023! Watch our social media for the finalists in each category to be announced!

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Award Categories

Voting has closed!  Join us at the Gala to see who the won!!

Beaverton's Living Legend - Patricia Reser

When asked to list the nominees membership organization and community activities, the list was long:  Beyond the cultural jewel of the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts which was born out of her dream of state of the art performance and community space, her community activities include
Homeplate for Homeless Youth , Centro Cultural,  MTI, Edwards Center, Beaverton High School, Aloha High School, Westview High School, and more not listed here. Pat supports various organizations across Oregon.


Pat's impact goes back for more than 50 years and she and her family continue to give in many ways to strengthen our neighbors/neighborhood, organizations, businesses and community across Oregon, especially in Beaverton where she lives.


Pat and the Reser Family's contributions are significant and their decisions to support our community have created long-lasting, LEGACY impacts.  



Pat Reser 2022

Distinguished Military Contribution -Major Ian Beaty

Major Ian Beaty is an alpha region commander involved in the Recruiting and Retention Command with the Oregon Army National Guard who joined in 2004. Aside from his National Guard dedication, he has a long history of committing his time to volunteering in the community. He exemplifies everything this award stands for. His community involvement list is extensive including but not limited to: American Legion Post 124 member assisting coordination of Memorial Day and Veterans Day events in Beaverton, City of Beaverton Traffic Commission Board Member advising city council on safety issues affecting almost 100,000 residents, Family Promise Board of Directors advising organization on transitional housing resources for families in Beaverton, Volunteering at Beaverton Winter Warming Shelter assisting in bed and meal preparation. More recently, Ian was a member of the Washington County Planning Commission, and volunteered on his wife Lacey Beaty’s campaign staff assisting in strategic operations, canvassing, etc. He also helped organize COVID-19 vaccination sites and PPE distribution within Beaverton. Ian should be commended for his community contributions beyond his military service and is exceedingly deserving of this award.



Beaty DA Photo

BACC Chamber Member of the Year 

Purpose: Recognize a Beaverton Area Chamber member who has consistently made contributions to the success and welfare of the Beaverton Area Chamber. This is an individual award rather than a business.

Criteria: Must be a current member and in good standing with the Beaverton Area Chamber.

2023 Nominees Are:

Ernie Claeson: Ernie is a valuable asset to the chamber community and a great example of how active participation and advocacy can help to strengthen and grow a business organization. As Chair of the Ambassadors, Ernie attends events and actively invites others to participate. Ernie deeply cares about the welfare of the BACC and its members.



Donna Meeuwsen: Donna serves on multiple Chamber committees as well as the BACC Board of Directors.  She donates extensive volunteer hours both at events and behind the scenes. She is conscious about shopping chamber first and often holds her meetings at chamber businesses.   Additionally, she utilizes her social media to promote and support local small businesses. She works to connect BACC partners and help them grow!

Stephen Smelley: Stephen served the BACC during a time of transition. As our longtime CEO accepted a new opportunity and we searched for the next path, Steve stepped in as interim CEO of the BACC, providing a centering force for the stability of the Chamber during a time of uncertainty. He provided leadership for both the staff and the Board in a unified way. Even after calling a new CEO, Steve continued to serve as Board Chair to provide for a smooth transition. He continues to help the BACC grow through mentoring new leaders and recruiting new members.


BACC Corporate Partner of the Year Award

Purpose: Recognize a business that has demonstrated a social responsibility to the community to improve the quality of life and raise the standards for living and working in and around Beaverton.

Criteria: The company must be a Beaverton Area Chamber member for at least three years.

2023 Nominees Are:

Biamp Logo Black_Red
Lanphere Auto Group 2020
Metro West Logo High Resolution (002)

biamp: biamp invited Leadership Beaverton into their manufacturing floor to take a tour and learn what they do.  The dedication they have for their employees and customers is amazing! biamp focuses on keeping as much of its production as possible local thereby supporting the economy in our region.  This was a valuable addition to Leadership Beaverton and biamp is a valuable asset in our community!

Lanphere: Lanphere has served as the Title Sponsor to the BACC's biggest event of the year, our Annual Golf Outing for years on end. This involves not only a monetary investment but time and labor as they work to help make the event fun a productive as well!  They are a staple in the Beaverton Business community!

Metro West: Metro West serves Beaverton well with life-saving services.  This hit close to home when one of our own staff needed their services.  They were there to make certain he received the care he needed.  Additionally Metro West serves on our Business Advocacy Council and sponsors many BACC events.  They are truly a part of the fabric of our community!

Beaverton Community Member of the Year Award

Purpose: Distinguish a Beaverton Community Member who shows an unwavering commitment to the Beaverton


Criteria: The individual will be chosen for outstanding achievement outside their business

activity, in a field positively affecting the well-being of the Beaverton community. The most recent achievements

(last two years) should be emphasized.

2023 Nominees Are:

Bill Buffam: Bill, owner of Central Station Taps, Bill Buffam is dedicated to creating diverse ways to promote Beaverton and other local chamber members. Some examples are bringing his beer to ribbon cuttings, hosting pub crawls, and events in partnership with businesses such as Bricks and Minifigs for National Lego Day. In addition, Bill is becoming increasingly involved in the chamber and city committees such as the traffic committee.


Monika Piazza: Monika has created a truly unique space in Westside Artwerks that expands the reach of artists in the Beaverton community. This is a collaborative space where artists can sell their works. She is a strong supporter of local Beaverton businesses and shops local with her dollars and shares on social media. Monika is welcoming to all and strives to create a unique space where everyone feels the Beaverton Welcome!


Dick Nichols: Dick has served as a BACC ambassador for several years. Ever ready to serve the chamber, its members, and guests. Not only does he spend hours each month in his capacity as ambassador, but he also represents the Beaverton OR History Association, helping preserve our city's history and ensuring the stories of yesteryear aren't lost on the newer generations. Additionally, he devotes countless hours to the Beaverton Downtown Association.


BACC Small Business Partner of the Year Award

Purpose: Recognize a small business (100 or fewer employees) that has made significant contributions to our

local economic growth and honor their successes.

Criteria: The company must be a Beaverton Area Chamber member.

2023 Nominees Are:

ava roasteria

Ava Roasteria: Amy started a coffee company as a gathering space in downtown Beaverton in 2006 after taking over a brownfield site where a former gas station used to be located. She has built a business employing many of the youth in our community over the years starting with those at Beaverton Highschool. She has gone on to add more locations throughout the Beaverton and surrounding area while serving as an active BACC Board Member and for Chair of the Board as well as the CEC and PAC. Ava and Amy deserve this award because of the "community" created by Ava's that is supported by their consistent space, time, and talent contributions.

Casa Lola

Casa Lola - Carlos owns several businesses in Beaverton, and Casa Lola is one of them.  Here he brings a taste of Mexico with family recipes that are near and dear to his heart. He strives to create a community within Casa Lola.  Additionally, he donates generously to local businesses. Carlos also donates his time to the BACC Board of Directors.

Syndicate Wine Bar - solid (002)

Syndicate: Owners Dave and Angela have worked to create a community gathering space in Downtown Beaverton - picture Cheers - Where everybody knows your name! They host community block parties designed to include neighboring businesses and the neighborhood. Through this, they help to stimulate growth in Beaverton. They are a joy to have here in Beaverton!

Public Safety Excellence Award

Purpose: To recognize an individual who goes above and beyond the job they are paid to perform to ensure public safety. Achievements must be in a field positively affecting the well-being of the Beaverton community whether in their paid role or voluntary.

Criteria: A police officer, firefighter, public servant, or any individual who has made exceptional strides to enhance and protect the community.

2023 Nominees Are:

Kim Haughn: Kim has been an active contributing ex-officio Board Member of the BACC for years and passed the baton last year as she was promoted and ramped up her personal engagement to help solve the houselessness challenges across WA County. She serves our community with energy, passion, purpose, and a smile AND saves lives.

20230327_203438012_iOS small

Officer Nick Jacobs: On August 30, 2022, around 2:30 AM, a report came in of a single-vehicle crash in central Beaverton. The report was a BMW crashed into a tree, rolled on its side, and was on fire. A three-year veteran of the Beaverton Police Department, Officer Nicholas Jacobs responded to the report. Upon arrival he located the vehicle, a 2013 black BMW, rolled on its passenger side, the engine compartment of the BMW was on fire. The BMW had been traveling at such a rate of speed prior to the crash that, when it left the roadway, it took out a nearby tree - detaching the trunk from its roots. Officer Jacobs quickly assessed the scene and determined there was a sole male occupant trapped on the passenger side against the passenger window. The local fire department and EMS had not arrived at the crash. Officer Jacobs knew time was of the essence to prevent further injury or death of the occupant. He knew the fire could lead to an explosion and/or quickly overtake the rest of the BMW, killing the occupant. With no time to waste and despite his danger, Officer Jacobs approached the burning BMW and used a window punch to break the sunroof out. Officer Jacobs had to quickly retreat from the vehicle because of the temperature of the vehicle fire. He retreated to a safe location and yelled to the occupant to remove himself from the burning vehicle. There was no response from the occupant. Despite the immense heat and small explosions coming from the burning BMW, Officer Jacobs returned to the vehicle twice more. On his last attempt, he was able to grab the occupant and pull him out and away from the burning vehicle. As a result of Officer Jacobs's heroic effort, the vehicle's occupant only sustained minor injuries from the crash. Since the crash, family members of the occupant have been in contact with the Beaverton Police Department. They attribute Officer Jacobs's efforts to saving the life of their loved one.

IMG_3576 small

Chief Jepson: Stacy has been a police officer for over 28 years. She has been Chief of Police in Beaverton for the past nine months. She is highly admired by other officers as well as her peers. She is very compassionate and intuitive about the needs of the people around her. She is working hard to make sure that her officers are cared for and taking care of themselves while doing their job as well as after. The traumatic effects of certain calls and events our police officers go through stay with them and can prevent them from doing their job to the best of their abilities. She focuses on making sure they get the time, compassion, and help they need to overcome these events. She brings a wealth of knowledge and love to her job and her goal is to make sure that she does it the best way possible! She is the picture of leadership!

IMG_8316 small

Dedication to Youth Excellence Award

Purpose: To recognize an individual who fosters a positive environment to teach, educate, instruct,

counsel or inspire our youth in Beaverton.

Criteria: Any individual who demonstrates a unique ability to improve or advance the life of a young person

through teaching, coaching, instruction, or mentoring.

2023 Nominees Are:


Bonnie Heaton: Bonnie is a high school counselor and the scholarship coordinator at BHS, but moreover she is the biggest champion and hero to each and every student that comes through her door. She empowers each student and challenges them to put forth their best effort, and makes it known that it's ok to not be a 4.0 student. You can only be the best YOU can be, not what others are. Consequently, she is committed to knowing each student and customizes suggestions for them about their future: is it college, is it trades, is it workforce.. she reinforces self-advocacy and makes them feel good about having agency over their choice. I have witnessed her passion as a colleague and also as a parent as she coached my own kids. She is an inspiration to her coworkers, mentoring them to be a light in a student's life. Her passion has no boundaries - she even delayed retiring last year so she could continue as the lead scholarship coordinator and continues to empower youth to pursue excellence - that they WILL have success wherever their post-high school plans take them. She has served our community well and I am certain there are adults in our community now that we are fortunate to have had Bonnie's wisdom (in high school) lead them to where they are today. Bonnie makes you want to be a better person. Our community can surely use more Bonnies!


Jamie Cooper: Jamie is an exceptional teacher. She has been able to find huge success with students in math due to her creativity, determination, and ability to be a "warm demander." Jamie is also a leader by championing and coordinating the AVID program at FOMS. She is an incredible collaborator with her colleagues, leads professional development, and takes time to work 1-1 with colleagues who have questions. She has dedicated many years to the students and staff at FOMS and we are grateful to have the benefit of her friendship and expertise.


Molly Dwyer: Molly is the family and student partnership coordinator. She has been instrumental in leading family empowerment work, ensuring that our culturally and linguistically diverse family populations have a voice in school decision-making. She is also responsible for teaching our student leadership class. She has coached AHP youth in advocating for ways to create a more just and peaceful school/community/world. Through her teaching and support, our students are developing a strong commitment to social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Distinguished Voluntary Service Award

Purpose: To recognize an individual who gives of their time and talents to enhance the quality of life in

Beaverton. Their work leaves a positive impact on those they help.

Criteria: Any individual who does not receive compensation for their efforts.

2023 Nominees Are:

Richard Crimi: Richard has been dedicating his time to The Reser as a volunteer usher since we opened our doors. His first volunteer assignment was at our ribbon cutting on March 1st and since that day he has logged more than 120 service hours with us. Every shift he attends, he jumps in, eager to help us achieve success.  He is a reliable and gregarious volunteer, and we are so lucky to have him be a part of our growing organization.


Sue Pike: Sue has been a fixture at the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce for many years. She has coordinated the Coffee Connections program and worked for and with our Ambassadors longer than most Chamber Partners have been in business or part of the Chamber. She is quick to support Chamber members with her time, treasure, and recommendations. Beyond the BACC Sue volunteers with her church, the women's club, Ising Choir, the Garden Club, and more!  Sue always has a smile and has never stopped giving to our community in every way she can.



Dianne Dannowski-Smith: Dianne was very deservedly nominated but would like to encourage anyone wishing to support her to vote for Sue Pike!


Youth Achievement Award

Purpose: Recognize a young Beaverton resident who shows great commitment to the city as well as contributing

to the city’s future generations to come.

Criteria: The young person will be chosen for portraying an exemplary achievement in the community. They

could either be an excellent student who volunteers much of their time to help community members, or they

portray a skill that shows great skill and ability through hard work and dedication. Either way, they would “make

the city proud” and we want to recognize the future generations that will continue to build up Beaverton in a

positive way.

2023 Nominees Are:

Aidan Ionis: Aidan is a Mountainside High School student who is extremely dedicated to helping the Homeless. In 2021 he began his own initiative to create “giving bags”. He started donating snacks and hygiene products to the homeless community, even taking the streets on foot to personally deliver the bags. He has a go fund me and has been featured on KGW8 in 2021. He donated $500 that he collected to ‘All Good Northwest’. He is a kind and determined young man, he has a heart of gold and he is passionate about giving back and making a difference in the homeless community.

Elise Fan: Elise is, and has always been, an amazing leader. As an educator for nearly 20 years, I would rank her in the top 1% of students showing compassion and empathy toward others. From quietly asking to be grouped with students that may need tutoring in a 9th grade ELA classroom (she never let on that she was tutoring, just wanted to help), to her work after school not only taking care of her grandmother but leading the WHS Robotics team, she has impressed me again and again with her commitment to others. This past summer, she volunteered during the summer to help struggling high school students achieve credit recovery. She also volunteered to help run a program to get middle school students excited about various CTE experiences, leading model lessons on everything from laser cutters to 3D printers.

Zahraa Jawad: Zahraa is an absolute gem at Conestoga and in our community at large. With an unmatched level of charisma, calm, and confidence, she is well-respected by both peers and adults alike on our campus. She is a bridge-builder who acts and speaks from her heart and moral center and is unafraid to confront inequities or stand up for what is right. She is an involved, active participant who seems to adapt effortlessly in a social sense, with students from a wide array of diverse backgrounds - she somehow "fits in" everywhere. She is both an academic and social leader and an example whom others follow. In my 23 years of education, I have never met anyone quite on Zahraa's level, and I feel very fortunate to have experienced her influence. She is a beacon of light and I am confident she will continue to be a true asset in our community.