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Evolving Leaders

At Evolving Leaders, we're not just about networking – we're about crafting experiences that spark connections and ignite lasting bonds. Picture vibrant social events pulsating with energy, where handshakes turn into heartfelt conversations and business connections evolve into genuine friendships.

Our mission? It's simple yet profound: to propel you forward, both personally and professionally. Through a tapestry of modern and engaging gatherings, we're here to ensure you don't just make contacts – you cultivate relationships that transform your life and business.

Join us in this journey of growth and camaraderie. Let's create memories, forge alliances, and elevate each other to new heights. At Evolving Leaders, the path to success is paved with meaningful connections and the shared joy of progress

Evolving Leaders are having a School Supply Drive!

Evolving Leaders are excited to announce a partnership with Wake Up Beaverton! for a School Supply Drive through the end of June.

Wake Up Beaverton! is an organization that strives to create a physical environment for racial, cultural, spiritual, and language-diverse communities, to distribute assets, and resources, and to have spaces that provide educational opportunities and activities in partnership with the City of Beaverton.

Each year Wake Up Beaverton! collects school supplies and creates backpacks filled with these supplies to be distributed to local youth.  They have also created a school supply store for teachers to shop at all year round!

Evolving Leaders would like to help with this very worthy effort! Over the next three months, you will see our bins in local businesses. We encourage you to purchase school supplies from the list and drop them in these buckets.  If you would prefer to donate funds that can be done with the button below. Donations can always be dropped off at the BACC office.

Help us to help others in our community!