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Meet our powerhouse Ambassadors, the heartbeat of partnership growth and community connection at BACC! With unwavering enthusiasm, they're the driving force behind partner recruitment, seamless orientations, and ensuring every member feels valued and supported. From the crack of dawn at Friday morning Coffee Connections to the glitz of Ribbon Cuttings and every vibrant Chamber event in between, our Ambassadors are there, weaving networks, building bridges, and spreading the infectious spirit of collaboration.

Eager to dive deeper into the dynamic world of BACC? Look no further than our Ambassadors, the walking, talking encyclopedias of all things Chamber-related! They live and breathe BACC, serving as your go-to guides for unlocking the full spectrum of benefits and opportunities.

But wait, there's more! Our Ambassadors aren't just knowledgeable advocates; they're the ultimate cheerleaders, waving the BACC flag high and proud. Ready to join this unstoppable force of positivity and progress?

Mark your calendar for the first Tuesday of each month at 8:00 am and come join the Ambassadors' meeting – where passion meets purpose