The UPS Store #6470 is Hiring

The UPS Store, Store 6470, is hiring a part time sales associate (25-30 hours per week) with a focus on customer service. For more information, contact Ben Olson at

YEA! My Heavenly Helpers

Connecting Seniors to Loved Ones!     Beaverton, Oregon – With new technology coming out every second, senior citizens are getting more stumped on how to use these new advancements in order to contact their loved ones. Kristine Taylor, an uprising teenage entrepreneur seeks to combat this crisis. Beaverton’s newest start up, My Heavenly Helpers, […]

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Resource One can help protect you against the Wardriving and Warbiking

  Wardriving and Warbiking Did you know your cell phone can be hacked using only a $30 device? How do you know if you are protected while checking the internet using free wifi? The link to wardriving and warbiking shows you how easily your smartphone, iPad, Laptop and PC can be hacked. Let Resource One […]

No Pain, No Gain? Not at Great Bones, unless You Ask for it…

“No pain, no gain” is a common sentiment among many gym-goers but that is not the motto at Great Bones. “We can crush you with an intense workout if that’s what you want” said owner Martin “but the point is, we don’t have to for you to achieve great results”. Using two unique pieces of […]