20140128 | Category: Business Advocacy Tips

The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Giving Business Testimonials

The weekly Coffee Connection testimonials are a great way to give kudos to well-deserving businesses and people. The Chamber records and uploads these testimonials to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so that the Beaverton community and beyond has the opportunity to hear first-hand about the great service or products these businesses provide. These videos are […]

Potions Salon Valentine’s Day Prep Party

On-the-Job Training Informational Breakfast

Edwards Enterprises

How to: receive high quality and custom packaging, assembly, and shipping options, keep business local, and help developmentally disabled Oregonians enrich their lives at the same time. Edwards Enterprises serves the Beaverton community and outlaying areas in more ways than one; providing local businesses with quality and affordable packaging, shipping, and assembly services, while employing […]

Lanphere Construction and Development is Hiring!

  Lanphere Construction and Development is seeking qualified construction professionals with experience in estimating and project management.  Additionally, we are always looking to add the following positions to our team: Superintendents Heavy equipment operators Carpenters Electricians Laborers Submit your resume to Amy Tang: atang@buildlcd.com

Metro Perc on the front page of the Beaverton Valley Times

  Katie Regan and Ned Macaddino aren’t content to let Metro Perc, the coffeehouse they and another couple recently purchased, be just a place where people sit around and consume cappuccinos. Whether it’s group painting and artistry, acoustic-oriented music or the recent holiday season arrival of Santa Claus astride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the delight […]